Healthcare Leasing Solutions

Complete solutions advisory for your Healthcare commercial leasing needs


What Can We Do for You?

We provide consulting services specifically designed to provide Healthcare Leasing solutions for your practice. We help you choose between alternatives of market choices, neighbourhoods, and shopping centres. We help you navigate decisions of traffic counts, signage or office visibility, the impact on your business of other tenants in your shopping centre or professional building. Equally we have you evaluate competition from other dentists in the market that you are entering.

We help you identify key terms in your lease and assist you in the negotiation of your lease. Post the successful completion of your lease, we help you identify key partners, vendors etc. and based on your requirements assist you with your office design.

With over 35 years of experience in the dental profession, our unparalleled success and accomplishments are the result of an outstanding and dedicated team of professionals in the commercial Healthcare real estate consulting space, whose knowledge and dedication are second to none.

Area Demographics

We provide you with research about income and social demographics for the area that you are considering to locate a practice in. Our research relies on Statistics Canada data, MPAC data as well as data from the various provincial Dental associations etc.

Area Dentist Density

Knowing the density of dentists in a market that you want to open an office in can make the difference between arriving in the market with a marketing plan in hand or being surprised at the extent of the competition and taking a long time to adapt. We provide you with this data that will help you make a better decision.

Lease Key Terms Review

We help you look at a break down of the key aspects of your lease, The term of the lease, rents, its increments, the actual dollar value of what your gross rent will be etc. We help you undersand what your renewal options are, what your Tenant's allowance is and its meaning, what your rent free periods is at the start of your lease, your assignment rights, your use and exclusivity rights etc. By helping you understand your lease better we help you negotiate your lease much better too.

Lease Negotiation

Your Lease agreement is a document that contains more than just the confirmation of the length of your term, your rents and your renewal options. This is a document that needs scrutiny before its signed. We bring a robust commercial perspective to analysing your lease. We look for things beyond the ones just mentioned and we bring our knowledge of the practice of Leasing in the real estate industry to bear upon the lease to your advantage. We provide information and solutions that make it easier for your lawyer to negotiate your lease with all the information available. Because we work with landlords across their properties we bring our knowledge of the landlord's business and the real estate market to help you negotiate a better lease.

Lease Renewal, Location & Termination

As consulting specialists in the Dental Practice space, we understand the unique real estate needs of Dentists. From the longer lease terms, to the multiple renewal options, to checking the correct zoning for the space, to even asking the landlords for the extra roof vents that Dentists now need, we’re the Dental industry's real estate consulting experts. We have over 50 years of combined experience in our senior leadership team and we have represented literally hundreds of Dental practices across Canada in their sale or purchase of Dental offices. Our goal is to help you save time and money, and make the best decision for your practice's lease, its renewal or indeed in some extreme cases, its termination.

Vendor Recommendation

We can help you put together an expert and specialist project team that includes: Dental architects, Dental office design consultants, Dental Brokers, Healthcare Lawyers, Accountants, Banks, Equipment vendors, and General Contractors. You can use this guidance as a sort of road map in the buildout of your Dental office.

Design Recommendation

We understand that how your Dental office looks and functions says a lot about you. We can help recommend Design consultants who are specialists in the Dental office space who can help you integrate your dental office décor, colors and finishes with your brand identity. If you would like to build an office with Green and Sustainability sensitivity, these designers can help you incorporate green, ecologically sensitive elements in your dental office design.

Who We Are

Fazle Naqvi

VP of Enterprise Contracts

Fazle has an MBA from Delhi University, and a Master of Management from McGill University. He has been the co-founder of two venture capital funded businesses that he has successfully helped build and sell. Fazle has worked with 2 Fortune 500 companies – Unilever and Coats Viyella, both in their India operations. His most recent assignment has been the head of Leasing at one of Canada’s largest national restaurant chains.

Fazle is a Commercial Leasing expert and brings years of senior management and entrepreneurship experience to our team. Fazle’s leasing practice is exclusively focused on Healthcare practitioners. Fazle’s consultancy services for Experdent are focused on Lease Reviews and Lease Negotiations. He has helped negotiate a large number of leases with landlords big and small, across Canada.

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