Continuing Education

AGD PACE Accredited courses to facilitate your practice and team growth

Consider the opportunity of bringing your team and opening doors to allow for new ideas that will change the way you meet and work with your patients, leading the way to fulfilling your practice goals.

You Had Me at Hello

6 hours of CE for both the administrators team and clinical team

Whether it’s an existing patient, a new patient, a referral coming in for specific treatment, or even a patient “shopping around”, how does that first “Hello” project who you are and what your practice offers? At the other end of the call, what messages does your “Goodbye” project and does it leave the patient coming back for more?

Key communication techniques, along with proven methods on how to effectively introduce your practice and serve your patients in a way that builds respectful and trusting relationships, will be presented. Explore how the words you and your team use can shape your practice and be the cornerstone of your patient’s expectations for the high level of care and service you provide.

Learn how “No shows” and short notice cancellations can be dramatically decreased and proven techniques that makes sure that “the ball” doesn’t get dropped between the booking of the appointment and the patient being seated in the treatment room chair.

The New Patient Experience

3 hours of CE for both the administrators team and clinical team

Continuing from the “You Had me at Hello” course, The New Patient Experience will move your practice forward in providing excellence to clients who will come to you for just that reason. Come and discover the next steps to creating a life-time patient as you and your team build on the relationship developed from the initial hello to your providing quality dental care and service. Create and maintain “A” list patients, not just those who accept optimal treatment, but those who value what you offer and who will refer like-minded friends and family.

Discover how Co-Diagnosis will change your practice and learn how every team member is a part of this transformative process for you and your patients.

2 v 365 – Self Prophy Program

3 hours of CE for the clinical team

We have all been there. Every dental care provider has seen that young patient who presents for their “recall and cleaning” every six months knowing full well that those 2 days each year are going to be the cleanest days that patient’s teeth will probably ever know! That can all be changed.

Learn how you can offer your patients the opportunity to improve and maintain the oral health of their children in a completely different way. No more fighting with their kids who are sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter while Mom or Dad or Grandma tries to brush their teeth. Engaging the child and educating the parent or caregiver in a more effective manner will transform that child’s acceptance and involvement in keeping their teeth cleaner and healthier.

Come and learn how time after time, the involved adult has shared with us that this has been life changing for them as the days of struggling with brushing and flossing their child’s teeth have ended and they have even seen their own dental hygiene improve!

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