Sales and Advisors Consulting

The understanding, tools, and systems you need to make the transition and evolve into the practice you want.

What can Experdent Dental Advisors Do for You?

All practices need to and will evolve over time. As they say, change is inevitable. We understand how a successful dental practice works and we can help you and your practice evolve into the practice you want. Let us help you build your unlimited practice.

Through in-depth analysis of where your practice is today and an understanding of your practice's goals and philosophy, Experdent Dental Advisors can work with you and your team in creating and implementing systems and processes which will move you towards your goals.

Whether your needs stem from staffing issues, scheduling problems, patient and team communications, change management, office systems or lack thereof, meeting the requirements and expectations of your regulatory body or just help in meeting your personal and professional goals for your practice, the Experdent Dental Advisors Consulting team is available to help you.

So when the actions taken by you and your team have not resulted in the positive outcomes you had hoped for, contact us to explore the alternatives. We can provide guidance and solutions to these and other issues. We understand, we have been there, and we may have the answers you are looking for.

Assessing and Advising

Where are you today? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? We can help with these questions and more. If you are buying or selling a practice, the Experdent Dental Advisors can be trusted to give you an understanding of where the value lies in your practice.

Your Team, Your Leadership

Having the right people doing the right thing is imperative to the success of any business and a dental practice is no different. Your team will follow your lead and that is critical to your success. Experdent Dental Advisors can help with the development, clarification and/or communication of your expectations.

Change Management

Because we know that change is inevitable, we have the experience and knowledge to help you identify areas for growth and change. We can work together to develop the team you need to evolve into the practice you want.

Continuing Education

Experdent Dental Advisors offers AGD PACE Accredited courses to facilitate your practice and team growth. Consider the opportunity of bringing your team and opening doors to allow for new ideas that will change the way you meet and work with your patients, leading the way to fulfilling your practice goals.

Who We Are

Sandra Harvey

VP, Western Region

Sandra Harvey is a dedicated dental consultant with over 35 years of dental experience. Having initially began her career as a CDA, Sandra can share with you her breadth of knowledge and experience from having worked as a clinical CDA, a treatment coordinator, the practice manager of large and highly successful group practices, a dental sales and manufacturing representative, as a respected college dental educator and consultant, and as the former Director of Registration and HR for the College of Dental Surgeons of BC.

Having learned from many of North America’s leading dental practitioners and consultants over the years, and from furthering her education in HR, business analysis, and system and process development earning her certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt Professional, Sandra can work with you and your team to create a plan for your success.

Cathie Monk

Associate Consultant

Cathie's passion is dentistry and she offers over 30 years of experience which includes everything from performing CDA duties to Practice Management. Cathie's primary focus over the past two decades has been on effective and efficient Front Desk Administration. With an emphasis on creating and providing excellence in patient service, Cathie can lead your team in recognizing the importance of having business and clinical systems in place, and will share the steps and tools to make this happen.

Having an instrumental role in the development and presentation of team oriented Experdent Dental Advisor courses such as “You Had Me at Hello”, “The New Patient Experience" and Experdent’s “The 2 v 365, Self Prophy Program”, Cathie can help you and your team develop the practice/patient relationship before the patient has even walked in the door.

Contact Us

To discuss the possibilities of what can be for your practice and your team, contact Experdent Dental Advisors today.

Sandra Harvey

VP, Western Region, Experdent Dental Advisors

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