Over 35 Years Evolving Dental Practices

From consulting services to leasing solutions, how can we help your dental practice succeed?

We provide services specifically designed to impact all aspects of your practice to include solid practice management strategies as well as win-win transition solutions with an aligned vision for both doctors. With over 35 years of experience in the Dental profession, our unparalleled success and accomplishments are the result of an outstanding and dedicated team of professionals whose knowledge and dedication are second to none.


Change is inevitable, but one constant is the quality of care you want for your patients. As your practice evolves, maintaining and growing a team of like-minded professionals will allow you to focus on offering and providing the level of dental care you strive to bring to your patients each and every day.

ExperDent Dental Advisors can provide you with the understanding, the tools, the systems you need to make the transition and evolve into the practice you want.

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We provide services specifically designed to provide Real Estate Leasing solutions for your practice. We support you from the beginning in your lease or purchase of a Dental office space.

We begin by understanding your needs and make that the basis of all our recommendations. We evaluate locations based on growth profiles of these markets. We supplement that information with demographic data on income, age, home ownership, Dentist density, etc… Information that helps you make a more considered decision about where to locate your practice.

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